A ‘Lovely Night for Dancing’ is the stunning painting by Alabama artist Bonnie Fuchs that is the backdrop for this cool, chic vignette.This neutral canvas exhibits tonal drips of whites, browns and gold with a high gloss vitreous finish.

JR Oct 2014 Vignette

EUR-04-0268 38.5"Hx76"Wx21"D Sideboard.


The graphically inspired ‘Beluga Cabinet’ is designed by Mark McDowell for John-Richard. Formed from thirty convex pillows, this sideboard has three soft closing drawers over six doors. The handleis undercut into the underside of each pillow.

Atop the cabinet is a beautifully simplified bailer shell with gold foil adding depth to the inside, contrasting with the polished nickel outer shell. The Ocean Table Lamp features an ocean painted on canvas encapsulated in a block of acrylic. The chandelier is a five light bent crystal and steel chandelier.

GBG-1015  56"W X 69"H X 1"D

56″W X 69″H X 1″D

AJC-8832 41"H X 39"D Eight light bent crystal and steel chandelier.

41″H X 39″D

JRA-9849S2 sm 5.5"H X 20"W X 12"D.  lg: 5"H X 22.5"W X 13"D.  A pair of beautifully simplified bailer shells

A pair of beautifully simplified bailer shells

JRL-9095 33.5"H  The Ocean Table Lamp.








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