photo 4 copy(7140 Lange Sectional / 14315-01 Reid Cocktail Table)

Lillian August brings her artist’s paint brush to her Spring Collection with bold strokes of bright color…Classics are reborn as Lillian fuses Elegance with Modernity. Lillian August brings lifestyle design concepts to life, and this market she presents lifestyles that are defined by signature colors as much as furniture styles.  Her High Point Market showroom is always a showstopper.

photo 1 copy

(LA94012-01Templeton Dining Table  /  LA1101C/AC Langley Chair  /  LA98562-CM Karl Door Cabinet)


IMG_1522 copy

(LA9155C – Maison Sofa)
( LA7120S Shelley Sofa / LA13310-01 Hughes Cocktail / LA99341-01 Tatum Mirror )


Designer Inspirations

Lillian August Senior Designer, Tom Bellucci, gives Meridien a tour of key New Intros from the Spring 2014 High Point Market


HOT New Intros:

LA7128M LA97353 LL7114C


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