Glamour was definitely the theme as you entered the John-Richard Spring High Point Showroom.  This showroom is always full of new and exciting products and Meridien is pleased to bring you the highlights.

Top Selling New Intros:


AJC-8791           JRM-0720            AJC-8794

AJC-8791                                JRM-0720                               AJC-8794

       AMF-05-1282V52-B303           EUR-04-0249        GBG-0940

AMF-05-1282V52-B303                 EUR-04-0249                        GBG-0940


         JRA-9633             JRL-8990        JRL-8984

JRA-9633                                JRL-8991                                JRL-8984


Your Own Tour of the Showroom:



 Featured Trend:


Tones of Blues & Gold


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